KAREN & TONY BARONE are a legendary couple working side by side in the execution of their very large-scale sculpture and paintings. This extraordinarily creative husband and wife team's works have been exhibited and acquired by individuals, corporations, cities & museums worldwide. 

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I've been painting all my life. I was born in a colonial town on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania. I learned to look, to see, to capture my surroundings while there as a young man. I taught myself to draw, to paint and then expanded my talents by being tutored by several artists living in Bucks County. My style is a varying one, going from Impressionist, to Realist and in between. I tend to let image and subject matter dictate just how much or how little detail I want to include in my work. I live for my brushes, my easel and my work as a painter. (not to mention my lovely supportive wife and our four cats) I hope you'll enjoy viewing my work and that there will be something for you to treasure for years to come.

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When Max paints, he imagines a place where he would like to be and then transforms the blank canvas before him. The result is a lighthouse overlooking the sea at sunset, or a campfire burning on the seashore at night. In his well-known painting entitled, "Gaslight," Max imagines the world Van Gogh would want to paint if he were living today, and then paints a scene through Van Gogh's eyes. 

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As a contemporary artist who is driven and inspired by vibrant, bold colors and high contrast, I prefer the obscure, the irregular, and most profoundly the elements of life that inspire and evoke passion. Born just outside of NYC and now living in the So Cal desert, it is not surprising my work reflects vivid colors, deep expressions and provocative feelings. Art has always played a principle role of my life; however, only recently, I decided to share my personal perspective with the world. I enjoy focusing my talents on intriguing and inspirational subjects that reflect life, passion, complexity and everything insightful. 

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time mcclendon

Time McClendon is a native of Kansas City and a resident of Los Angeles, California. A jewelry designer and a sculptor that uses wire and metallic elements to produce his artwork, he wraps and weaves a polished silver wire to create his sculptures and jewelry in the same manner a painter uses a brush. McClendon is a graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute.

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